POLAND - Four Seasons in the Sky

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MONDAY - 5th November 2018
Our first meeting in Poland started at I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. St. Dubois in Koszalin. We all (the teachers and students from partner schools from the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Romania) gathered in the assembly hall and were wlcomed by the headteacher Rafał Janus. Then we had the opportunity to present ourselves, our schools and towns, visit the school and go for a walk around Koszalin.
Tuesday - 6th November 2018
Tuesday began with presentations on famous astronomers from all partner countries. After widening our knowledge of the astronomers, we went to the Town Hall to a meeting with the Vice-President of Koszalin Przemysław Krzyżanowski to gain some knowledge about the town. Then we came back to school to work on astronomical dictionaries.
On Tuesday evening, to recover from a hard day spent on carrying out the project tasks and enjoy ourselves, we took part in a Polish evening. A little bit of history of Poland, a quiz, music by Fryderyk Chopin, a performance based on Adam Mickiewicz's oeuvre, learning to dance polonez and trying traditional cakes and sweets acquainted us with Polish culture in a funny and tasty way.
Wednesday - 7th November 2018  
On Wednesday in the morning we were back at school, this time in the IT classroom to participate in workshops on 3D design and later to different classrooms to participate in lessons. Later, in the evening, a visit to the Astronomical Observatory.
Thursday - 8th November
A trip to Toruń in the footsteps of Nicolaus Copernicus, which meant visiting the Centre for the Popularisation of Space "Planetarium - Toruń", Nicolaus Copernicus' House and tour around Toruń where he lived in his youth.
Friday - 9th November 2018
On Friday we met at school for the last time to evaluate the whole meeting and to choose the poster and logo of our project. The posters and logos to choose from had been prepared by each country before the meeting in Poland. The best one (according to the teachers and students taking part in the vote) was the poster created by students from Greece and the logo by students from Portugal. After a short break we went on a trip to Darłowo. There we visited the Castle of Pomeranian Dukes, went for a walk along the Baltic Sea and visited the 44th Naval Air Base.
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